Building an Airline

BRZ, Inc. has experts in all phases of airline building Our professionals have extenisve practical experience in the following:

  • Closed-loop system
  • Advanced corporate indoctrination program
  • Publication Templates
  • Manual Building Support
  • Example DOT Documents
  • Aircraft Conformity Guide
  • Table Top Exercises
  • Qualifying Exercises

featured product - Building An Airline

BRZ personnel have extensive experience in actually building and operating 14CFR121, 14CFR125, and 14CFR135 airlines. Our personnel have served in all of the positions required by FAR 119.65 (Director of Operations; Chief Pilot; Director of Maintenance, Director of Quality Control, and Director of Safety), at start-up Part 121 airlines certificated under the Air Transportation Oversight System (ATOS)

Proven Professionals Seventy percent (70%) of the airlines attempting to achieve certification never finish the process, and half of the 30% of the ones who do, fail within two years due to poor strategic planning.

Having a proven model and guidance from successful airline executives is a great way to bring your project to fruition. Let BRZ provide you with the materials and expertise necessary to start your airline; you will be glad you did.


Dynamically Generated Pages Pulse+ © dynamically generates all screens from our database, based on user role, assigned division/workgroup, and specifically assigned capabilities.

User Familarity Our system presents screens in a manner similar to all web sites, with validated entry, drop-down selections, checkboxes, etc. to simplify input and provide instant acceptance with very little or no training.

New Technologies

Latest Web Servers Our system is a web-based technology and has been successfully tested with the latest version Windows® IIS © Web Server 7.5 as well as the latest version of Apache ® based web servers.

New Technology With Legacy Support While our technology is leading edge, we also ensure support on older versions from IIS 5.5 © and older versions of Apache®


Only Web Browser Required Integration into existing operating systems is simple, nothing required on client machines except a web browser. We currently support Internet Explorer®, Firefox®, and Safari®. If your company uses other browsers, just let us know.

Database Integration Pulse+ © supports MySQL© 5+, Oracle 9®+, and SQL Server® 2005+.