Pulse+ © White Paper


Pulse+© is a flexible, web-based, data collection and reporting system that allows organizational entities to modify data collection activities 'on the fly', to provide real-time feedback and metrics on their dynamic operating environment. Pulse+© has been used by the commercial airline industry as a primary tool for collecting and reporting information on incidents, operational irregularities, process efficiencies, publication management, training performance and records keeping, and myriad of other user defined data collection activities. It is also in use by the United States Navy Force Safety (Naval Aviation) for self-reporting and tracking.


The purpose of Pulse+© is to allow these entities to collect information specific to their operation in real-time. Armed with this information, the unit can implement, and measure, the success of corrective action before identified deficiencies adversely affect the safety or operational capability of their organization. Additionally, the flexibility inherent in the Pulse+© system reduces the workload on technology support personnel, and makes this system extremely responsive to the needs of the operational units.


Pulse+© was developed with the understanding that to truly measure the effectiveness or risk inherent in any operating system, data collection and reporting had to provide the capability for evaluating or assessing both technology and human factors. By providing an integrated method to collect data from multiple disciplines, e.g. pilot, mechanic, crew chief, etc., Pulse+© can provide a multi-dimensional look at the entire operating system, or be modified to focus on a single area of concern. Pulse+© is a proactive, rather than reactive, data collection and reporting system.


Language: PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL
Database: MySQL®, Microsoft® SQL Server 2005 or greater, or Oracle® 9 or greater.

Note: Pulse+© can use any one of the three technologies above, based on the desire of the client. All of the above require licenses from their respective companies.

Server: Apache or IIS (Any PHP/MySQL compatible Web Server)

System Features

  • Secure - Password protected, encrypted data, and 128 bit secure transmission.
  • Accessible - Available through a secure internet connection from anywhere.
  • Easy to Use - Works like any web-based data/form input engine, such as Amazon.com®, Google®, etc.
  • Flexible - System administrator decides what events/incidents should be tracked.
  • Responsive
    Managers: Inputs are immediately available to reporting engines for analysis.
    Administrators: Changes are propagated immediately throughout the system when required.
  • Dynamic - All screens are dynamically created based on user login roles and divisions or workgroups
  • Powerful - Pulse+© can be customized to collect any type of data in a web-based environment, generate customized reports in HTML, Excel®, or XML.
  • Cross Platform - No software required on the client computer, e.g. will work with Windows® Internet Explorer® 6 and higher, Netscape 7.2x or higher on Linux®, and Safari® 4.0 or greater on Macintosh® computers.

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