a few words about us

BRZ, Inc. is a cutting-edge software company specializing in highly sophisticated, but intuitive data collection and reporting programs. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, the company was founded in 2005 capitalizing on industry experience dating back to 1990. Since then, BRZ has engaged in a measured growth strategy resulting in a lean, entrepreneurial organization with the capability to meet the requirements of the most demanding customers at highly competitive prices.

BRZ, Inc. has developed a unique software engine, PULSE+©, that allows data to be collected, compared, and analyzed in a manner that quickly identifies systemic problem areas.

This program utilizes a very agile architecture allowing customers to tailor categories and elements to meet their specific data collection needs.

BRZ, Inc. employs and sub-contracts with industry recognized subject matter experts to assist customers at all levels of program development. BRZ, Inc. software and analytical solutions provide customers with actionable information to support the continuous improvement activities necessary to sustain safety, organizational readiness, and control costs.


BRZ, Inc. worked hand-in-hand with Cargo 360 to provide Pulse+© during our initial ATOS certification, and continuing into a worldwide, all-cargo B747 operation based in Seattle Washington. As ours was one of the first ATOS certificates approved by the FAA, we were under a high degree of federal oversight and scrutiny at all times. Pulse+© provided the compliant assurance that Cargo 360 could maintain our operations at the highest level of safety as well as continuing a constant level of control over aircraft and crews spread across the Pacific.
Terry Cusick, SVP Operations, Cargo 360, Inc.

our capabilities

Because of our employees, BRZ, Inc. possesses capabilities far exceeding the size of our company.

We have been very fortunate to attract and maintain subject matter experts with extensive experience in their chosen fields.

Our people are innovative, cost-conscious professionals who consistently exceed the expectations of our clients.

Our advantages

BRZ, Inc.'s number one advantage is our people. Our proven professionals continuously demonstrate the flexibility and innovation necessary to meet our customer's dynamic requirements.

From a product cost point perspective, BRZ, Inc. embraces the virtual company concept to the maximum extent possible , and passes a large portion of our operating savings on to our customers via product pricing.

our principles

We treat people the way we would like to be treated. We deal in a straightforward, honest manner reflecting a core belief that our customers deserve an honest day's work for a day's pay.

Integrity is the only option. Our team demands the integrity and trust of its members to succeed and is our prime directive for dealing with our customers and with each other.

our standards

At BRZ, Inc. we will never allow safety or integrity to be compromised. Therefore, we hold all of our employees and contractors to the highest levels of professional comportment and demonstrated expertise possible.

Bottom Line ... At BRZ, Inc. we will make every effort to ensure our products, people, and support are the benchmark of sustained excellence in our industry.

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