Crew Resource Managment Training

BRZ has some of the most experienced experts in the development and conduct of Crew Resource Management (CRM) training in global aviation. Since 1985, BRZ personnel have worked on programs for:

  • Major U.S. airlines
  • Regional airlines
  • Ab Initio Programs
  • First Responders
  • Hospital Emergency Rooms

featured product - Crew Resource Management Training

Over the last 25 years, our experts have modified, refined, and improved our CRM program into our latest offering designated Applied Resource Management or ARM.

ARM is a program designed to practically apply the human factors lessons learned over the past 60+ years not only to airline crewmembers, but anyone in a high-performing or risk-sensitive position.

ARM training alone will reduce errors in your company and improve your bottom line. By coupling ARM training with BRZ's Pulse+© data collection and reporting software, your company can have a closed-loop continuous monitoring and improvement program.

This program will not only maximize your training investment, but enhance safety and help sustain daily operational excellence and continued profitability. Unleash the innovation and safety-enhancement power of your employees by providing them with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to propel your company ahead of your competition. Call BRZ, Inc. today.


Dynamically Generated Pages Pulse+ © dynamically generates all screens from our database, based on user role, assigned division/workgroup, and specifically assigned capabilities.

User Familarity Our system presents screens in a manner similar to all web sites, with validated entry, drop-down selections, checkboxes, etc. to simplify input and provide instant acceptance with very little or no training.

New Technologies

Latest Web Servers Our system is a web-based technology and has been successfully tested with the latest version Windows® IIS © Web Server 7.5 as well as the latest version of Apache ® based web servers.

New Technology With Legacy Support While our technology is leading edge, we also ensure support on older versions from IIS 5.5 © and older versions of Apache®


Only Web Browser Required Integration into existing operating systems is simple, nothing required on client machines except a web browser. We currently support Internet Explorer®, Firefox®, and Safari®. If your company uses other browsers, just let us know.

Database Integration Pulse+ © supports MySQL© 5+, Oracle 9®+, and SQL Server® 2005+.