Advanced Pilot Training Program

BRZ, Inc. subject matter experts (SMEs) have been involved in developing advanced pilot training platforms since 1974. From Ab Initio training to Advanced Qualification Programs (AQP), we have designed, implemented, and certified training programs that produce technically superior aviators skilled in Applied Resource Management (ARM), BRZ, Inc.'s latest version of Crew Resource Management or CRM.

If you are developing, or considering developing, an advanced pilot training program (domestic or foreign), especially one that addresses key performance indicators (technical skills), observed behaviors (CRM human factors or process skills), or requires 'cultural norming', give us a call.

Our personnel also have years of experience in all facets of instruction, evaluation, assessment, and certification/licensing. BRZ experts have been:
  • FAA Certified Flight Instructors (CFI)
  • FAA Certified Flight Instructor-Instrument (CFII)
  • FAA Aircrew Program Designees (APD)
  • FAA Designated Examiners (DE)
  • FAA Line Check Airman (LCA)
  • Military Standardization and Evaluations Check Pilots
  • Navy NATOPS Check Pilots
  • ICAO SME's On Advanced Simulation

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BRZ, Inc. Now Provides Many New Services BRZ, Inc. has expanded from a software firm specializing in web-based data collection and analysis, to one that provides many professional services across multiple industries.

New Features and Capabilities Our employees and sub-contractors provide industry leading expertise and experience in many aspects of management, best practices, company building, and analys in the aviation, medical, and human factor and risk management fields.

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Safety and Operational Management System Design and Development Through data collection and analysis we examine all aspects of operations and make recommendations to improve efficiency, promote ownership and accountability, and help reduce and mitigate operational risks.

  • Data Collection And Analysis
  • Real Time Incident Tracking
  • Collection Consulting
  • How To Collect
  • Real Time Reporting
  • What To Collect
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