Safety and Operational Management Systems Design and Development

To sustain readiness in the military or profitability in business one very simple premise applies; you must make every effort to start each operation, production, or service cycle with all of your key personnel and required equipment.

Any organizational policy, procedure, or practice that does not support this goal must be identified and corrected in a timeframe respective of its identified criticality. This very simple approach constitutes the foundation of a robust safety/operational management system (SMS/OMS).

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BRZ, Inc. Now Provides Many New Services BRZ, Inc. has expanded from a software firm specializing in web-based data collection and analysis, to one that provides many professional services across multiple industries.

New Features and Capabilities Our employees and sub-contractors provide industry leading expertise and experience in many aspects of management, best practices, company building, and analysis in the aviation, medical, and human factor and risk management fields.

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Safety and Operational Management System Design and Development Through data collection and analysis we examine all aspects of operations and make recommendations to improve efficiency, promote ownership and accountability, and help reduce and mitigate operational risks.

  • Data Collection And Analysis
  • Real Time Incident Tracking
  • Collection Consulting
  • How To Collect
  • Real Time Reporting
  • What To Collect
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